weddings and honeymoons

Wonderful Zanzibar gives you the desire of your passionate heart.

As our clients increasingly requested the arrangements of weddings from us, we decided to establish the brand ZanTours Weddings. With our experience in Event Management, we are able to provide the full services of a Destination Wedding Planner. The department is part of our well known MICbrand – as your wedding surely deserves to be the “E-vent” of your life.

Zanzibar is not only well known for weddings and honeymoons, moreover the demand beyond a wedding arranged by a hotel has increased. And ever since the department launched in the beginning of 2016, our wedding team became extremely busy as only Wonderful Zanzibar Weddings can provide the infrastructure, expertise and moreover has the dedication for the Event of your life – your destination wedding.

Furthermore, Wonderful Zanzibar knows the destination better anyone and hence use our knowledge to provide you with the perfect tailor made wedding. Our Wedding Team takes the ordinary and make it extraordinary. It is our honor, as your Destination Wedding Planner, to be part of this important moment and our pleasure to make this unique moment – your wedding – the E-vent of your life.


As a Wonderful Zanzibar, we are confident to offer you not only the best hotel rates, venue options and availability. Moreover we have the experience of a long time partnership with our suppliers. This combined with the existing infrastructure of Wonderful Zanzibar and the expertise and dedication of our wedding team, makes us to the leading Wedding Planner in Zanzibar. As a result, Wonderful Zanzibar Weddings ensures only the best venues and suppliers available in Zanzibar and Tanzania.

Bicycle tour

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This is the perfect tour if you wish to discover the beautiful Island of Zanzibar while your on your 2
It’s about History, Adventure and Fitness.

Cycle through rural villages, explore Portuguese ruins dating back to the sixteenth century, swim in a tidal, half fresh half salt, clear water cave, try your hand at being a blacksmith (local style) and adventure through recently discovered stunning coral caves filled with stalagmite and stalactite crystal rocks.

What is included: Cold bottled water, fresh fruit snacks and all entrance fees.

Price: 45$ per person

Minimum number of people: 2

Collection and drop off: If you are staying in the Nungwi/Kendwa area, your tour guide(s) will collect and drop you off at your place of residence. If you are staying outside of the Nungwi/Kendwa region, transportation can be arranged to bring you to this location, for an additional fee (please inquire for further information).

 We are offering a tour that ranges from 5-7 days where you will be travelling by mountain bike around the whole of Unguja Island, Zanzibar. We will adventure through stunning scenery, visit some of the islands highlights and learn about the Swahili culture and Zanzibar’s history.

Keep checking for updates on this exciting new tour and feel free to contact us for more information.

cooking classes 


Join for a hands-on cooking class in our kitchens , our local chefs will teach you authentic Zanzibar cuisines from curries, sweets to many main dishes that will ‘wow’ your friends in your home! Depending on which type of cooking class (location), if you do in the farm cooking class its your opportunity to do market and spice tour with our competent guide as your big bonus, Get chance of visiting one of our Stone town home(Stone Town Home cooking class) for having the cooking class but also learn on Zanzibar culture and its history.